Chanel Coco Noir review

Might as well dive into the deep and start with Coco Noir, the new Eau de Parfum from Chanel. What a challenge it must be to create a perfume that has to stand up to No.5, Coco (one of my favourites) and Coco Mademoiselle. All of them bestsellers that never seem to bore.
I got hold of a sample via the Douglas store. The lady in the shop told me that Chanel started to grow their own jasmine specially for this perfume, which drives up the price. Sounds like marketing talk to me, but if it is true it makes me wonder why Chanel would do this. Something to look into.

First impression of Coco Noir: very similar to Coco Mademoiselle, only heavier. Mademoiselle for daytime, Noir for the evening. After a few hours, it reminded me of Coco (the original). Interesting. What if I mix Coco and Mademoiselle on a paper strip and put Noir on another, can I then tell the difference? I could, but there were a lot of similarities. Curious to find out what they consist of, I made a list of the notes of these perfumes. I found that all three of them have vanilla and Tonka bean in the base, two of them have patchouli and two of them sandalwood. Heart notes: jasmine two times, rose two times, mimosa two times. Similarities in the top notes: Bergamot, jasmine, mandarin orange and orange blossom (I’m not mentioning the rest of the ingredients).
Is it surprising that the three perfumes are so very alike? No, since the three of them carry Coco in the name, I imagine Chanel wanted to create a ‘Coco perfume family’. But would I buy Coco Noir? For the bottle maybe, but if you already have Coco and Mademoiselle, what would it add?